Bertram William Franklin | RN, BScN, CPMHN

“At times one can feel trapped when experiencing intense sadness, distressing thoughts and painful emotions, You may feel the need to reach out and find solutions to these circumstances.


I am inspired in working with individuals to help them explore and adopt different orientations in the 

way they are thinking about themselves and their relationships that can result in reclaiming a sense of peace, confidence and hope.


My therapeutic approach is influenced by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Bio-psychology, DBT and Compassion Focused Therapy. I have been a dedicated Mental Health professional for the past 26 years.


My Educational background includes a BScN in Nursing, Certification in Mental Health Nursing. Foundational and advanced CBT training at OISE, the CAMH CBT institute and The University of Toronto. I also work as a Nurse Therapist providing individual CBT for patients in a Child and Adolescent outpatient psychiatry program."