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Integrative Coaching & Counselling

Therapy Session

Is a holistic and integrative process that synthesizes aspects of both counselling and coaching modalities. It addresses all of who you are at the levels of body, mind, spirit, and soul, and we will work together to identify which areas of your life are most in need of healing and attention. 


Some of the issues that precipitate seeking support include:

  • Losing a sense of meaning, direction, and purpose in life & work

  • Recovering from physical and/or emotional trauma to self or loved one

  • Adjusting to illness and/or injury

  • Working through losses such as separation/divorce, children leaving home, or death of a loved one

  • Feeling a nagging deep sense that there’s something more at their core that is wanting to emerge and be expressed, but they’re not sure what that is or how to bring it forward.


This work is about going deep, getting to the heart and essence of you, releasing blockages, re-vitalizing your core energy, and re-visioning your path and future.

We will excavate and bring forward your core strengths, gifts, and skills so you can transform the pain and “stuck-ness” into inspiring new opportunities and ways of being alive and vibrant in the world again.

You’re also more than just your thoughts and emotions, you are made of body, spirit, and soul.  We will address the areas of your life most in need of balance so you can move forward firing on all cylinders. 

We will also have some fun, as this is a significant chapter in your life journey and it’s always helpful to include a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and good humour on any adventure of self-discovery.

If you resonate with this and you’re feeling the need to receive guidance and support on the path of creating greater peace of mind, purpose, clarity, stability, energy, vibrancy and joy on the other side of life’s challenges and transitions, then we invite you to take the next steps, and contact us.

Sessions are typically 60-90-minutes as this allows the time, most people need to really drop into the depth of conversation required to illuminate and unpack matters at hand while also allowing time to discuss and learn strategies. The counselling aspect of this work helps us to go deep and the coaching aspect keeps the work rooted in the intention to keep a forward moving momentum.


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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Reflecting in the Meadow

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help individuals change how they think and act. With the guide of the therapist, the therapist aids in the process of how the individual's perception and behaviour can be altered to a "feel better" feeling. 


 The therapist frequently focuses attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes (that is, your cognitive processes) and how these interact with your behaviour to create your emotional problems. CBT focuses primarily on the problems and difficulties in the present feeling, and how to use practical steps to alter them, and can employ some “assignments, or homework” with a focus on goals and treatment outcomes. Generally, one hour therapy sessions with others to follow is a guide to starting the process on consciously shifting in behaviours patterns.  A stand alone therapy or a combination of other therapies can be incorporated into the treatment plan, to further facilitate the client.