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Live Blood Cell Analysis 


Our live blood cell analysts Diana uses a high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe your live blood cells.  

What Is Happening in YOUR Body?

Live blood analysis is a way of assessing your internal environment to identify. Try to identify nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, digestive problems, organ stress, parasites, candida, bowel toxicity, cell shape & size abnormalities, immune function, overall body stress with one droplet of blood.

An initial questionnaire is given in order to allow the client to be

in a comfortable environment where 1 drop of blood is taken with

alancette then placed onto a clear slide.

The blood cells are viewed under a highpowered microscope while the

bloodcells are moving and alive. The blood activity is then projected onto

a screen while the client sees the blood on a computer screen.

The client must fast, no eating of any food for at least 4 hours prior but please drink 3-6 cups of water in those 4 hours (no pop, juice, coffee etc...).Information will be provided with an action plan based on the blood’s appearance, You are encouraged to bring along a light snack to eat after the screening test. We do ask that you stop all supplements 12 hours before your screening test. Duration of the Live Cell Microscopy consult should be approximately 60 mins. 

Note : The following will be used to perform the screening test 
- Vinyl gloves- Alcohol swabs- New Lancet used every testing - slides & cover slips 
If you have any known allergies, or conditions to this list, please let the front desk know. 

Action Plan:

Recommendations for supplements, nutrition meal plans or follow up with practitioners. Preferably 2-4 times a year will provide a maintenance plan. A list of resources will be provided, identifying specifics of what the client is to do. Insight into the clients lifestyle and how they are contributing factors with the live blood cell analysis will also be supported. 

Please Note: Live Blood Cell Microscopy is used as a nutrition evaluation screening test and NOT for diagnostic purposes.