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Registered Massage Therapy


A  therapeutic massage will be in a medical clinic or a wellness center under the

care of a practitioner.  Registered Massage therapy is highly effective in relaxing

tired and sore muscles while also providing a gentle environment for a peace of

mind.  Massage is incredibly powerful in increasing circulation, releasing tension

and improving lymphatic flow.


Our massage therapist have a wealth of knowledge that have helped

patients recovering from car accidents, sports injuries as well as stress related tension. 

Cupping Therapy:

Cupping is an alternative and traditional form therapy within Middle Eastern medicine. It uses cups, at times some are heated, and then placed on one's back, legs, arms, stomach or any other body part which pulls the skin upwards and causes suction and can be used to ease pain. Cupping therapy can help with local pain, inflammation, blood flow and relaxation within the body almost as an alternative to deep tissue massage.