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Massage Therapy

A  therapeutic massage will be in a medical clinic or a wellness center under the

care of a practitioner.  Registered Massage therapy is highly effective in relaxing

tired and sore muscles while also providing a gentle environment for a peace of

mind.  Massage is incredibly powerful in increasing circulation, releasing tension

and improving lymphatic flow.


Our massage therapist have a wealth of knowledge that have helped patients recovering from car accidents, sports injuries as well as stress related tension. They are also trained in lymphatic drainage, a special form of massage that increases the strength of the immune system in fighting illness. 

Thai Yoga Massage Benefits:

  • Reduced levels of stress hormone cortisol

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Decreasing pain and improving body function

  • Improving sleep, specifically deep sleep

  • Boosting immunity white blood cells & reducing stress

  • Revitalizing skin through increased blood flow

  • Lessening digestive disorders 

  • Enhancing mood ...etc.

Thai yoga massage is an Eastern form of therapy that has a deeply holistic approach and believes that in the human body, energies flow along a network of channels or lines similar to Nadis in India or Meridians in China.