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Neurofeedback/ Biofeedback Training


Neurofeedback is a sophisticated form of BIOFEEDBACK that optimizes your brain and nervous system with the direction in improving your COGNITION, PERFORMANCE , EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL STABILITY. With Neurofeedback training, individuals express feeling calmer, happier, less anxious, more focused, improvements in their capacity to regulate their emotions.

A quieter nervous system leads to a more relaxed individual who is less

reactive,more content and more able to engage in relationships without

conflict. Developed by psychologists and neuroscientists,  Neurofeedback

is not a medical treatment, but rather a superior form of brain-training

that is safe for children and adults, enabling us to train the brain in a safest

and extensive way.

During the session, sensors are attached to your scalp and ears. The computer reads your brain's electrical activity and feeds this information back to your brain, the brain knows how to self regulate.  This is how the brain learns — the central nervous system is hard-wired to take in information and use it to organize itself. With neurofeedback, the brain receives information about itself thousands of times more quickly than the brain can receive without neurofeedback when we learn about ourselves just by our interaction with the environment.

The speed of the feedback received during neurofeedback helps

the brain re-organize more efficiently. Training with neurofeedback


actually TEACHES the brain to work more effectively - and, like

learning to ride a bike, this learning is permanent.


What to Expect?

Initial questionnaires are done to better understand your goals, rate your sensitivity and reactivity levels before engaging, then two sensors are placed on the head and on the ears while the computer records the brainwaves or the you listen to the music.  The client simply relaxes with their eyes closed while the clinician observes or leaves the room.

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG (Electroencephalogram) biofeedback, is a therapeutic intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer based program that assesses a client's brainwave activity. After a stimulus of low frequency radio waves or music, the  brain self regulates itself.   Its aim is to modulate the neural electrical activity of the brain to interrupt the dysfunctional patterns. The patient achieves a significant improvement in their ability to self-regulate.  The brain wavs gathered in "real-time" (any brain area the is hypo/hyper or unsuppressed brain area) helps the brain and the central nervous system to reset.  It is non invasive and can assist the therapist or individual. 

NEUROPLASTICITY  -The ability if the brain to reorganize itself, both in structure and how it functions. Scientists used to believe the brain was hardwired. We used to think after childhood, you could not repair, regenerate or replace damaged brain cells. Today, we know there is a possibility of the brain to change its structure; neurogenesis, create new synapses, strengthened synapses via tools and techniques.


 The Procedure:

Intake forms are filled out by the client prior to the session, after an

educational discussion around Neurofeedback which will take approximately

20 minutes to complete. During the session, sensors are attached to your

scalp and ears after a mild gel and witch hazel to clean the skin is applied. The

equipment assesses a client brainwaves - extremely faint electrical signals

measured at discrete locations on the scalp. After a short assessment of the nature of these brainwaves, the equipment itself then generates and disburses extremely faint, battery-generated signals that the brain may respond to in beneficial ways. This is how the brain learns and the central nervous system to take in information and use it to organize itself. Neurofeedback sessions STRENGTHEN THE BRAIN'S PROCESSING, your only instruction will be to close your eyes and rest. You will be asked to keep track of discomforts or side effects experienced during your treatment, if any. You will also be asked about your five most prominent symptoms before treatment, and asked to rank them. 


The Duration:

Each session will vary, but we allocate 30min-60min for the session with a 2sec- 30sec sensor placement and a few more minute discussion around the what effects, if any, the feedback has had on you. These sessions will occur on a weekly or biweekly basis. An estimate of previous clients has been:

A) If your problem came on suddenly after a life of high functioning and you are comfortable with the longer periods of feedback, you can expect 6 – 20 sessions.

B) If you have a lifelong history of multiple problems and are very sensitive to the feedback, you may need over 40 sessions.

C) In a very few circumstances such as stroke, spinal cord injury, very severe head injury, or genetic physiological disturbances, the number of sessions can easily be in the hundreds of sessions to keep achieving increasing function.


What Are the Benefits of Neuro?

Significant improvements in a relatively brief process of therapy in physical and emotional rehabilitation.

Significantly shorter rehabilitation is of great importance in time, money, and patient hopes. You may

experience an end to the problems affecting you since your head injury and/or psychological trauma,

and to the problems that have interfered with your ability to function in your work and personal life

tends to make functioning clearer and easier. 

It has been successfully applied to central nervous system functioning problems, such as symptoms of traumatic brain injury, stroke rehabilitation, fibromyalgia, depression and other mood and anxiety disorders, attention, hyper-activity, explosiveness/anger, and learning problems. Controlled studies on the LENS have been and are being conducted. Several university and medical human subjects review committees have reviewed the LENS treatment and have found it to be “minimally invasive.”

It has increased cognitive functioning (memory, concentration, attention, ability to learn and to read, organizing, and sequencing), motivation (initiating and completing activities), and motor skills (coordination, balance, grace, recovery from paralysis). It has elevated mood as an antidepressant. It has improved sleep at night, and reduced sleepiness during the day. It has increased energy and stamina. It has reduced seizures, explosiveness, irritability, spasticity, and background anxiety. It has reduced the symptoms of migraine and fibromyalgia pain, as well as Restless Legs problems. The return of clarity, energy during the day, sleeping at night, a sense of humour, motivation to get things done, ease of getting things done, memory, ability to read and listen with little or no distraction, and the absence of depression, irritability, impatience, and explosiveness have been observed repeatedly.


What are the Side Effects? 

The long-term effects of using electrical field feedback as we use it is unknown. The intensity of our field is less than a trillionth of a watt and is on for a few seconds during each session. On the rare occasions when the feedback is too intense or the feedback periods are too long, you may feel uncomfortable, irritable, tense and/or anxious. Increased vision, reduction of medications.