Olha Sanovska, 
Facial, Beauty and Body Massage,
MD-Specialist in Obstetrics
& Gynaecology in the Ukraine

Olha is a facial and beauty massage aesthetician and a medical doctor in general medicine. She received her MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Uzhhorod National University and speaks three language. She was born in the Ukraine and has been practicing in the health field for a number of years. Olha has a lot of experience and professional skills in the health setting (delivering emergency care to patients with gynaecological problems, treatment of female sterility, pregnancies and deliveries, colposcopies and much more. 


Olha brings a number of treatment modalities to Visionary Health Medical Educational Clinic that make her a valuable member of the team. She does classic, sculptural, and sculptural-buccal face massages, Chiroplastic (Spanish) massage, lymph drainage massage and cavitation vacuum anti-cellulite massge.